Installation of YUM Package in LINUX

yum installation yum package linux

YUM is the core package which is used for installing, updating, removing & finding the packages. Basically YUM Is referred as YellowDog Updater Modified which is developed by Redhat. 



Installation of YUM package using CD/DVD ISO image:-

Step 1: Mount the DVD/CD in the mnt

# mount /dev/dvdwriter /mnt

Step 2: Create Repo file in /etc/repos.d/.repo

# vim /etc/repos.d/serverRepo.repo
[ServerRepo] name=Linux DVD ISO


Installation of YUM using Alternate Way:-

Download the yum package from any of the Linux kernels, say for example yum-2.0.7.tar.gz,
Untar the file

# tar -xvzf yum-2.0.7.tar.gz

Run the configuration file after extracting

# ./configure

Make Configuration

# make

Make installation

# make install

Yayyy!!!!, That’s it Installation of YUM is over, Start Installing softwares (*.rpm) files using YUM utility.

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