What is Shells in Linux – Intro

Shell is a special interpreter or program in the operating System which is used to communicate between user commands and the computer/kernel.Shell passes thecommand to the kernel via keyboard or file.


Shell Script:-

Shells or commands are interactive, i.e when we passes the input to the kernel, we will get valid response from kernel. if we are sending sequence of commands in certain file( say text file) & try to execute , we will get a response or output from the kernel. This set of instructions or commands is called shell script.
Shell scripts are more powerful unlike MS DOS batch file (cmd files).


Different Types of Shells:-

In Linux widley used different types of shells are

  1. Bash or Bourne Shell,
  2. K shell
  3. C Shell.

Bash Shell is developed by Brain Fox and Chet Ramey which is popular among all the shells. Csh or C shell is similar to C programming language developed by Bill Joy. And KSh or Korn Shell is developed by David Korn.


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